Nasus has completely lost his ability to carry late game.

Before I begin, I must apologize for the title because as you read you're going to find it was slightly misleading. I simply want to make it clear before hand that I'm aware of that but it's hard to convey my thoughts on the topic in one small title. I beg of you to consider actually reading. I'm not sure why that's become such a lost art these days. Actually I am, the degenerates of Reddit are to blame but that's another topic. Moving on.. Nasus is a shit champion right now. In reality, he is been for a long time but even the most dedicated Nasus players are painfully aware of that. The reason why is this game has simply power creeped Nasus so hard that there actually isn't a reliable point in the game where he's strong. Sure post 40-50 minutes you are if you've managed to farm in that time because you'll be banging down turrets with ease and nobody can really stop you. But his team fight is still garbage. His ability to be impactful in an interactive way is almost non-existent and he simply just doesn't feel good anymore. Ask any Nasus player from the early days of the game, even as far as season 3/4 - Nasus felt good late game. He's largely been a mid game power house due to how easy it is to kill him late game but at least he had a power spike you felt you could rely on if you farmed. But the game paces so fast now and there aren't any signs of that changing. This has eliminated nasus' mid game spike. You can look on any charts and you'll find Nasus has a sub 50% winrate pre 25-30 minutes whereas his highest winrate actually came between these times even as early as last season. That simply isn't the case anymore. Then you consider that there are so many champions that do everything he does but much more reliably and earlier. They aren't gated by farm or a cheesey split push that falls off at 15 minutes (E max Nasus). They scale incredibly safer and harder barring ridiculously long games. And frankly, with nasus' ancient design, they're just smoother and more accessible in almost all situations where Nasus simply isn't. There's too much cc, there's too much mobility and the strengths that Nasus does present are not unique nor are they strengths he's even remotely close to being the best at. You could have his ult give him 150 flat resists for it's entire duration and it wouldn't matter. It's so laughbly easy to kite this champion. I understand he's probably still a pub stomper in bronze/silver and many posters on this board are bronze and silver so your response will likely be of a different nature since your experience with and against Nasus will be much different but even in dogshit elos like gold, plat and low diamond, kiting a Nasus and all but nullifying his existence is a remarkably easy task. What I can say is this: I do not expect riot to move mountains to make Nasus good. They have a goal and direction for their game but that is a world that isn't favorable for Nasus and he will continue to slowly be phased out as a champion. I know we throw around the term VGU a lot here and unnecessarily it's fine often. However, I don't see a place where you can slightly modify nasus' kit to compete in today's game where it feels fair to play against. Riot has gone away from high sustain low interactive champions not named Gangplank because it's an unhealthy general style of play to have. And Nasus does it in such a way that his scaling and simplicity overtakes you very quickly whereas even when miles ahead, it's very easy to fuck up and die on Gangplank. And this is an example, I'm not casting a slight in Gangplank or any other champion for that matter. It's more of an illustration of just how bad Nasus is now. It's time. I hate saying that too because even though I've thrown around the rework (or by today's definition VGU) term with Nasus before, I always knew buffs would help him in those times but I was convinced Riot wouldn't do it. Then Riot would do it or buff him indirectly and he'd level out. But this is just far beyond any negative experience I've ever had with Nasus, even in s2 when many of you will remember he was considered a troll pick. I don't see a future for Nasus in this game as it stands and while there aren't other kore pressing champions who are far unhealthier than Nasus on the VGU list, I would like to think Nasus is starting to be discussed as a possible candidate for one. I feel he needs it and anyone is free to agree or disagree. I want everyone understand that in all probability, I have far more experience on this champion than likely all of you and have well over thousands of games on him since I started at the beginning of s2 and maimed him since then. I've known many of the original Nasus players over the year very well such as Hyfe, NateKiller, etc and still talk to them frequently. With respect, there's likely nothing you can tell me about him that I'm not already aware of or haven't thought of. I simply ask that you approach this objectively rather than with the all-too-common mentality that you know more this than the person you're responding to because of your self bias. To be clear, this is something we are all guilty of at all times. I'm simply asking you to be considerate of it before posting. Thank you.
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