Zoe...the terror of Summoners Rift!

So,today i played one ranked game,i was happy,i was so motivated to play,so i picked my main,Kata! I was playing against Zoe, and...at level 4..i was about 70% hp...and i didn't had any more creeps and she just Q on me and 1 fcking shoted me...this its normal? I know she it's weak vs Asasinss.but wtf...i was unable to do anything after...and feels bad...in the end,i lost the game because she just R+E+Q... How i'm supposed to win? Her early game its incredible strong...and wtf she need to get ingnite on W when she kill's a creep? whyyyy....??? I may sound frustrated but its true..she its still over powered...she has to much damage on Q....rework her..please!
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