Warwick is the anti-hypercarry

I don't know if you all have realized this or not (probably have), but WW is amazing against hypercarries. Just imagine: 9 minutes in, their vayne was 5/0. Now, it's lategame, and that fed-ass vayne is 33/4 and is singlehandedly shitting on your entire team. Your syndra would be of use if she didn't instantly die in 3 autos from that full build vayne, and your tanks are just getting melted. You ulti vayne, your syndra instantly 100-0's her with 6 orbs, and their team is now absolutely ass fucked without that vayne. You win the game by repeating that process over and over. ~~Idk what this post is I just wanted to point out one of my favorite champs strengths~~ EDIT: This post should be named Warwick is the most fun anti-hypercarry, in my **_opinion_**.
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