Hopefully My Last Karma Rework

So I came up with another one yesterday that I really wanted to share (not all my ideas or anything): Passive - Twin B**ch Slap - Auto attacking a target twice deals bonus damage. This has a per unit cooldown or something. _________________________________ Q - Karma shoots an energy dragon from each hand. They meet and explode at target location. Radius adjusted. The travel time depends on the distance and is almost instant when close to Karma. Mantra Q - Larger radius and damage. Leaves slowing field like now and I guess it still detonates. _________________________________ W - On Enemy cast, redirect a portion of any damage they deal to you back to them. Instead of giving mana, I feel like this kind of interaction suits Karma more. On Ally cast, both you and the ally gain some damage reduction and split damage. This effect can be ended early and lasts up to 2 seconds. On Self cast, gain damage reduction. _________________________________ Mantra W - On enemy, ... admittedly uncertain. On ally - Grant % missing hp healing to them over the duration. (Ending the effect early also ends the healing). On self - Grant % missing hp healing to herself in addition to the damage reduction. _________________________________ E and RE probably the same _________________________________ R - old passive moved here New R + R - Karma unleashes an outburst of her power, dealing damage around her in a radius and knocking back enemies (slightly).
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