Why do Ad champs get 3 MR with AD options, and AP champs get 1 armor with AP option?

AD with MR: {{item:3814}}, {{item:3156}}, {{item:3139}} - note I am only using full build options ... If you want to include {{item:3137}} on AS champs which are usually AD... or {{item:3091}} for same reason go on ahead... AP with armor: {{item:3157}} ... {{item:3050}} if you really want to build it... which you likely won't unless your a support... and lets not forget {{item:3025}} which is used more on champions that use AD than AP... even if it can be used by both {{champion:81}} *cough* Seriously rito - can mages have more items that build armor AND ap - I mean there are 3-5 items ... throw on merc treds and its a set - of ad/as items that also give MR...
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