If ADCs are going to be the only class that matters late game,

Can we make it so other classes beat them in lane? There's no reason ADCs should be able to beat mages/bruisers/tanks etc in solo lanes when they by default have better late games due to multiplicative scaling and 45% bonus armor pen. They already have an entire lane dedicated to them, why are they allowed to force other classes out of their only viable roles? I've played this game for a long, LONG time (long enough to have Judgment Kayle and Pax Jax) and I can honestly say, this is the most disgusting state of balance I've ever seen this game in so far when it comes to class-to-class balance. Season 2 Metagolem was pretty bad but at least mages/ADCs/tanks still had their uses, Season 3 running double AP and a support with zhonya's was bad, running multiple tanks last season was horrible, and at the time I thought that was the worse, but my god, this takes the cake. Combining this with the mess that is Dynamic Queue I can't even play the game anymore. ADCs already were the only mandatory role, but now they also win lanes vs. every other class and outlate game them all just as easily. And the worst part? Instead of doing what they should do (toning the ENTIRE ADC class down across the board to put it in line with mages/bruisers/tanks) they buff individual ADCs on PBE even further to powercreep the class even harder! ADCs should NOT be winning lanes vs. mages/bruisers/tanks if they are going to outlate game them all. Their level one stats need nerfs across the board to put them in line. Either that, or they need MASSIVE late game nerfs to make it so other classes actually have a chance to outcarry them It's not like you can play mages bot or top lane, and it's not like you can send a lot of bruisers/tanks mid or bot There's a reason teams are taking multiple ADCs atm, nobody cares if ADCs can go in solo lanes, but then other classes should be able to compete with them bot lane
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