Hey can we give tahm kench something instead of letting him be dead?

Make his W scale 1% max hp damage per level instead of being a flat % hp. Ornn gets 11-16% W damage on top of 10-20% passive damage which is equal to tahm kenchs old W damage that they gutted. It's just insane. He used to be really reliable but they got rid of all the cool tricks with him. Q not giving stacks, Q consuming all stacks for a stun, not being able to W Q anyone anymore because everyone has dashes so he loses a ton of damage and reliable damage. They didn't leave him anything good that he used to have. They literally gutted him to oblivion. Even his ult used to be a low cd rank 1 but now it's so long and the range is awful until rank 2. On top of that, his movement speed is slower. Idk. I wish he didn't get everything taken away. Wanted to get rid of the W Q combo? Ok... but why get rid of everything else? It is crazy hard to use both your Q and W effectively in a fight or even a 1v1 skirmish anymore. What if his Q consumed all stacks but it applied stacks still? Idk. just insane the champ got gutted. I enjoyed him jungle a lot going 90% + winrate on him back during the 1st year + of his release before he got small "buffs" that made him top lane FOTM and got nerfed to oblivion. rip
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