Why is Rengar back ? dealing 80 million damage in 0.2 seconds again ?

What is with you Riot ? why did you revert the changes so that the KNOWN CANCER could just walk the earth again ? You literally made the changes to him to stop him from being this and then you just bring him back for what ? what REASON do you have for bringing him back to the way he was ? Its not fun to play against him ... its not fun being deleted without any ability to retaliate or even react to him because if you see him your already dead. I just don't understand your balancing decisions. Please enlighten me as to why Rengar needed to be a thing again ? I don't even want to ask about the ninja tabi's so I am just gunna leave that there. I just don't get Riots fascination with I pick this guy you go poof instantly ... aren't you supposed to "fight" your enemies ? How can I fight what I cannot see and when I do see him I am dead in 0.2 milliseconds ... I am sorry I am not the terminator .... I do not have the reaction time of a robot. I am sure kha'zix is in the same boat right now with just poof your gone. This games balance is just getting worse and worse every patch I hate to say that but you REALLY are ruining the game at this point. I guess I will just have to go back to DBZF for another 4 months to see if anything changes. Just delete Rengar from the game like he deletes players from your playerbase. I am sure that might help things.
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