Losing to inccredibly bad teamates after winning series

im acidxlaymore,was plat 2 until recently. basicly in 2 days,i went from plat 3 to plat 2 to lose 4 games to go back to plat 3 to win 4 games to go back to plat 2 to lose 5 games to go back to plat 3.those lossed i get after winning series isnt caused by my lack of skill because i would carry 80% the early game pretty hard as a jungler(its over most of the time in those games after the early game) and 3/5 games i should won 100% because i carried it super hard but the problem wasnt that my teamates fed,its just their decision making made all my hard work and creating opprtunities for the team useless cuz they kept throwing nonstop game after game.am i just incredibly unlucky rn and have to move on or theres a link between just finishing series and ppl being bad on ur team(im still very unlucky statisticly speaking both ways, 8 to 2 games where i get the retards and the enemy gets the retards)
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