So, the enemy Jungler is "literally" sitting in your top lane brush camping you all game...

And you say it's your idiot jungler's fault for not coming to help? Let's do something we don't normally do, and think for a moment. The negatives of this situation are obvious: 1. You are forced back to tower, let's hope you've practiced farming under turret! 2. If you leave lane without TP, you risk losing tower. 3. Uh.... But what about the positives? Let's explore: 1. The enemy jungle and top lane are splitting a lot of XP, so they will both be behind in levels at some point. 2. The enemy jungler is not farming as much as they should, and their jungle is left unguarded. 3. Your other lanes don't have any pressure on them from the jungle, so they can focus on winning their lanes and nothing else. 4. Your jungler is free to gank without worry of counterganking. 5. Free dragon! So basically, the enemy jungler, when they do this, is handing you a free win, and all you have to do is play like a bitch. But you can't play like a bitch, can you? That's not what an alpha male does, is it? Nah you gotta put that pussy enemy top laner in his place for needing jungle help all game, so you take a 1v2 in the middle of a huge enemy minion wave, not twice, but three times, the whole time spam pinging your jungler and screaming about how he's not helping you blah blah blah. Seriously, play like a bitch, waste as much of their time as you can without giving up a kill, and enjoy your free win.

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