Wonder how much the player base has fallen off since they removed URF

I haven't really played league since they removed URF, but I tried an ARAM today and it's just not that fun anymore as an extra game mode. I used to be more into playing norms and ranked, but I just don't care that much about ranking up anymore, and mostly just want to have fun playing the game. URF was the favorite game mode for me and my friends when it was out, always quick, exciting and fun. Without it, we're not really into the game as much and mostly just watch LCS highlights when bored. Has anyone actually heard from Riot why they removed it? It seems they just like to tease us with it, but the thing is I won't even know if they bring it back because I don't log on very much anymore. It would be interesting to see how many players feel the same and if they have stopped playing as much since. Probably a selection bias though since players playing less probably wouldn't be on the boards, but who knows.
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