Rework or Move On? How do you decide?

EDIT: If you're going to post off-topic, please also include an answer to the question... I just left a thread where I was saying Zyra is thematically just right for me. I love that "Nature gets revenge" (because apparently the real life snow-pocalypse coming this weekend isn't enough) but mother of god do I hate her kit. It's got too much juice to call her weak, but it's clunky, erratic, and not reliable (IMO). I just hate her kit almost completely. > So my question is, then, when do you look at a champ and decide "I should ask them to rework her" or "That's who she is, I guess she's not for me? I don't have this problem with champs that I just don't care about period. Ekko, for example, seems cool at moments, but I have no desire to play him, so a kit that seems like you're juggling a lot doesn't phase me. And champs I do like thematically, such as Azir, but doesn't scratch my item (i.e. Ra is a great concept, but it's not Natures Wrath-cool) I'm completely fine with and I don't even get mad when I play, and suck with him. So when do you choose? All three of the Ent-ish champs (Mao, Ivern, and Zyra) need a brush-up imo, but I also acknowledge that this is a strong bias on my part.
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