I need advice on what I should do in Gold elo

I remember when I played in Iron Bronze and Silver. I would dominate every game. I would roam, pressure the map, have perfect vision. I literally escaped Iron Bronze and Silver in around 3 days that's how easy it was. But once I reached gold it got more difficult. People know what Talon does. People know that Talon roams a lot so they got vision everywhere. People know that Talon's early is insanely strong and he can 1 shot you. I feel like players generally became better and I feel like it's more about playing the map now rather than me getting first blood and roaming all game. I know I'm in this rank for a reason. If I was able to slide through Iron Bronze and Silver with ease even with shit team mates then I should've been able to do the same with Gold if I was good enough. So pretty much my question is as a gold 3 player or gold in general what should I be focusing on as a midlaner such as Talon or Akali. Should I roam more or should I get turret plates. This kind of stuff
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