Can pings be updated?

At least in Gold my teammates generally seem to think that if I ping when an enemy laner is missing or if I ping when from my warding in midlane it's my way of saying "Hi, how are you?" The same thing goes if I see the jungler moving either down or up towards them. Then they get mad when they get ganked or they get mad at me when my laner comes and kills them. Depending on the champion I'm playing it's not always wise for me to follow my laner especially if I'm a champion that is all skill shots and has no escape tools in case I get caught out by the enemy champion that has hypermobility. Can pings be updated with Visuals so that people will pay more attention to them? I know some will argue no that would be annoying but people spamming ping, in general, is annoying. It could just be the words Incoming enemy, missing, incoming, engage, etc along with the sound similar to how emotes are now. I just get tired of telling people that pings aren't me checking on your well being. It's me usually telling you to retreat to a safe distance because I saw movement toward your lane or that you can expect an uninvited guess because they're missing from my lane. In a way you almost can't blame them with all the new flashy champions it's enough to mute/blind them to pings I guess..

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