Riot should be more careful with reworks.

Recent reworks with especially Irelia, Akali and Aatrox made them fucking god tier at pro play and high elo game play. Riot shouldn't just pass a rework normally like candy. Take your time. Account the people who play the champion, pro play and high level solo Q. Don't just say "We can't satisfy everyone." Your not satisfying a lot of people right now with your reworks. Existing old mains hate the Akali and Aatrox reworks since they literally just slapped the name and that's it and even if they love the new kit, they get nerfed over and over while being broken tier in High Elo and Pro Play. Then get gutted like Akali removal heal, 8.24b nerfs of shroud and no turret stealth (I actually don't mind that nerf). Just be careful, I don't want other communities to get fucked by reworks.
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