@riot Why your new balancing philosophy is wrong and biased

Why you can't balance League Of Legends with only 4 categories of population.
This Video took a lot of time, it's a long response to this /dev article by Riot Games : https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-pl/2019/05/dev-champion-balance-framework/ if you like the video , really consider subscribing, if you want more detail , ask in the comments, i'll be glad to answer.
> Good evening allow me to introduce myself for those who don't know me, i'm **The Anivia Otp** , an annoying peson who loves, science, debate and games. > Before i start going any deeper, you need to read [this /dev article](https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-pl/2019/05/dev-champion-balance-framework/) and watch [the video above](https://youtu.be/eR_JtkLtTTg) ------------------------ > ##Disclaimer : This is not going to talk about any of the thing i presented in the video, > _I'm gonna explain a little more WHY these 2 categories matters a little futher_ As i explain, **Bayesian games are played with probabilities and assumptions based on informations you have**, and when playing as a team with communication **you change completely the way the game is perceived**_as you have access to much more informations than you are able to collect by yourself_ #This causes a huge bias in balancing where one category will be hugely overseen and that's basically where clash matches are going to be. * my best example to this will be Sivir {{champion:15}} that can bee decent in these 4 category (bottom 90%,top 10%,top 0.1% and pro play) but that mean she will completely dominate LAN and clash games, creating a very negative and unbalanced experience for these players aswell... * The other way around is possible but not as valuable because you don't expect people to play nocturne {{champion:56}} in team 5v5 where he will be obviously weaker as this champion is DESIGNED to abuse the lack of communication and therefore the fact that the game is a 1v4v5. ------------------------------------- In my opinion it is **VERY dangerous ** ~~and probably stupid ~~ to not take (at least the clash category) into account as they will be primordial for you in the near future. _if you have any question feel free to ask , i'll do my best answering you the best way possible._
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