A change in mana cost for preseason (Diana)

With the changes coming to mana regen and mana potions i feel like Diana might have mana problems. I play her alot and part of her mana is reserved by Moonfall. it costs 70 mana at level 1. Still a decent CC move (range gutted) but not as oppressive like it was back when she was released. Early game is rough on Diana since she lacks any Hard CC, and escapes. Not to mention that she is a melee range AP caster. If she were to acquire some slight tweaks i think she would benefit greatly. I would also like to mention a few changes in mana costs. Live version her Q, Crescent Strike, costs 55 mana all levels. I feel like her Q cost is at a good spot, she needs to spam them if she misses. Pale cascade is arguable, since each rank increases by 10 mana starting at 60. Of all her moves, i would Say W is her iconic. It is an offensive defensive skill. If you were to change the mana cost from 60 to lets say a few notches lower (50), this could help her duel/out trade her opponents early on. As i mentioned about her E, Moonfall, mana cost is too high for level 1 (although there is no increase cost per rank). I would like that maybe she could ave some sort of growth with her E. It is very lackluster, maybe increase its Range slightly with each rank and an increase mana cost? Her ultimate is good at the moment, has a low mana cost at 50. each ranking increasing by 15 mana. Please leave a reply if you want, thank you. {{champion:131}}
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