As a mage main, I stopped taking sorcery tree altogether around since half of the season.

It has nowhere the gamechanging power and utility that domination has, nor the resource management for early game like inspiration...The only reason you take it is because you want scorch and manaflow. From the start of the season, this tree always had issues with aery and comet clashing each other in terms of their functionality, and to top it up, it has one universally UNFUNCTIONAL keystone that only xin zhao uses. The sorcery tree basically has no customizable options, thus shoehorning quite a lot of mages playstyles into a tedious grind. Say, Camille can go comet. PTA, or hell electrocute and can pick from a variety of styles to play. But for mages? Just sorcery with comet. I just ditched that all, and picked domination. This tree is boring as hell. It has no sense of rewarding moments, like conquerer, PTA, electrocute, predator, aftershock.
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