Riot about the Darius buffs

{{champion:122}} Please, for the love of god DO NOT BUFF MY FUCKING DAMAGE. I dont need damage, I need to stop dying to 1v1's to (supposedly) hyperscaling late game champions like {{champion:92}} in one of their combo rotations. Just buff my base armor by 5 (It sounds like alot, its not these days) and my Q healing. Hashinshin had the recommendation to buff the healing on the first target hit to 20% and leave all other targets to 12%, Id take it to be honest, but the last thing I need is armor, even some move speed would be better. Revert the E range nerf from a few seasons back would be nice or just giving it more range in general because theres been alot more ranged matchups. Adding 5 movespeed to every hemorrhaged target would also be nice. Disclaimer, dont add all of these at once (or else Darius just becomes op and therefore perma banned :/ )
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