Observation: Games are decided by the 10 minute mark

Finished last season in Gold and am currently in mid silver trying to climb back and up. Been off work the last few days so I've been playing more than usual and the one thing I have noticed is that every game is a stomp by one team. Could just be the elo but man it just seems like one champ gets disgustingly fed (I am talking going 6/0 by 10 minutes in lane or something like that) and the game is cooked from there. Whether I win or lose, the games are complete stomps. I cannot recall a single game that felt competitive until the very end. What is up with that? The worst part is we'll be down 20 kills, 3 drags, 4 turrets, and these dudes just wont ff......... this isn't lcs or masters, we ain't coming back buddy.
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