banned for leaving the pre game lobby

so many game ive started knowing its lost in the lobby .... but going in and giving it a shot just because i dont wanna wait 5 to 30 mins or lose 3 to 10 lp , now some are because the team starts fighting in the lobby and you know this team is not gonna get along in game some are because your team picks off meta champions for first time on odd roles like yasuo support , lee support etc and you know this is a lost game and its not your fault going into such a game is against many odds ... for starters well because you have an off meta champ in a role or a player playing azir for the first time your enemy has the advantage and secondly you have no hope and tilted from the start which will make you unable to make decisions that leads to a win or carrying this team , or at least being a good team player this is an extremely negative experience for everyone involved ... my question is why would i be the one to pay the price for someone elses mistakes now be it by playing the game and losing or leaving the lobby and losing lp and my time ... i understand leaving the post game lobby freely can be an extremely negative impact on the game also , but not if its limited , we should be able to leave one or two games a day freely or only at the cost of our time not lp today i played a game where my midlaner toke first time azir and top laner picked yasuo ... i checked their history in the lobby and knew the yasuo is bad and azir first time cant be more helpful than a caster minion (( at least caster minions dont feed that hard )) i didnt leave the lobby because of lp and time loss .. and said what the hell .. 3 minates into game yasuo gives first blood , and by the 10 minate mark yasuo is 1/7 and azir is 0/5 .... now i was the jungler and i was blamed alot for this game by these two players which made my day btw ... even though i was 11/3/4 so i come out of that losing game que up again .. i get a guy who picks lee sup ... i didnt wanna go through a game like that again so i lefted losing 3 lp 40 mins later i que up again and i get auto fill ... and a yasuo jungle ( i consider yasuo in my team a troll pick even in mid o,o) so i leave that one too and now i get 13 lp lose plus 35 minates for other peoples legit childish behavior ... do people like me a favor and give us at least 1 or 2 free lobby leave options
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