Did ARAM players actually ask for a "faster" experience?

**Update:** Huge thanks to FeralPony for being open to general discussion and suggestions regarding ARAM. Still, I'd like some focus to remain on the changes to super minions specifically, as this is what initially prompted the discussion. ----- I play only ARAM (2000+ games, +110 win differential) and the pacing of the game mode was never the issue for me. So I'm really curious if other ARAM players actually want a "faster" experience. For me, the problems with ARAM have always been the outlier champions whose playstyles can be oppressive (e.g., poke, supports like Sona on normal income)*. With the current changes to super minions especially, underdog comps are punished even harder with little chance of a comeback. Yes, it results in a faster game, but the snowballing effect (ahem) can be so dramatic that it seems pointless to play ARAM at all anymore. Riot says, "sometimes what ends up happening is a tug-of-war of inhibitor pushes till someone really screws up. We want to reduce the scenarios where that happens..." *But isn't that League of Legends in a nutshell?* Yeah yeah, you can accuse me of taking ARAM too seriously, but without it I would've given up on League long ago (and thus stopped spending my money on this game). **EDIT 1:** Changes to summoner spell cooldowns, health relics, and the addition of Mark were good changes because they made the game more dynamic without holding the winning team's hand and helping them snowball. **EDIT 2 and _tl;dr_: While it's too early to tell if Riot "ruined" ARAM, the changes are alarming because they assume a kind of gameflow in ARAM that I don't think ARAM players asked for. This is less about making ARAM perfect and more about my concern that Riot didn't communicate with ARAM mains before making these changes.** **Some people claim there are ARAM smurfs. While the number of times I face champs like Ziggs is very suspicious, I'm not gonna claim anything since I don't have any data on it.*
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