Delete/rework items that are silently gamebreaking, not just obvious stuff like Banner

{{item:3147}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3124}} In my honest opinion these 4 items not only break the game, but smash it into little pieces and then stomp it for two and a half hours. Here is my opinion on why these 4 items make me want to puke when I play the game: {{item:3147}} - Imo the worst offender here since it has been a problem for a couple of seasons now and the amount of champions that can abuse it is highest, its really obvious why this item is gamebreaking - it offers some of the strongest things you can get from an item : extreme damage burst and extreme vision denial. And those are only its passives, it suffers nothing to pay for those broken passives. The damage it offers in combine with the already ridiculous damage in the game right now and the most broken rune (electro) offers a burst that can kill people from the earliest levels up until the very game. There is absolutely no reason not to buy this item since it has no downsides to it. {{item:3812}} - Perhaps the most controversial item on this list, but i truly believe that drain tanking on champions that should never be allowed to drain tank such as {{champion:104}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:157}} is one of, if not the most broken thing in the entire game. There is but 1 single downside to playing shit like {{champion:114}} who can easily 1v1, hell even 1v3 in most scenarios, and that is getting heavily bursted and this item just denies it and not only gives them time to lifesteal every single ounce of damage back but also gives them the stats to do it. {{item:3095}} - The newest addition to league. We begged you not to do it. Did you listen? Fuck no. Why listen to your playerbase, some of which have played for almost a decade and have seen far too much dumb shit in this game to know what will happen. Do ADCs need this item now that their crit builds are gutted ? Yes they do. Does that mean that assassins won't abuse the shit out of this item? Of course it doesn't. Few games ago I was playing Wukong, I almost never play him so I really sucked, late game with 5 items I couldn't burst half of enemies ADC hp bar even with full ult, but as soon as I bought this abomination I 1 shot her before she could even flash. Have you seen Rengar with this item? His burst is higher than when he was reworked due to having 0 counterplay, he literally kills you in 1 Q, no need to even double Q. This item just gives you the option to get all that sweet Lethality and AD and Lifesteal and then just build 1 item that turns all of that into an extreme ball of crit burst FOR FREE, you still get the heavy stats that the item provides, the unreal burst provided by it is literally A PASSIVE. {{item:3124}} - It makes me sad to say this, I love Guinsoo's , it has been such a niche items for years and years until you decided to suddenly make it broken and mandatory on any melee and on some ranged hyper carries, which is why I am no longer sure that "make it melee only" or "make it ranged only" would work. I still have tons of happy memories of building on hit Jax when I was a newbie, when this was a small indie game breaking through and I was rocking it on my favorite champ. That time is long gone however, and I think that Guinsoo's doesn't bring anything positive to this game in this form, I want it to stay because its an oldschool item, it just needs a super big rework that could possibly change it entirely effectively deleting it, but keeping the name for us oldschool guys. What do you guys think ?
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