The Live Gameplay Team Presents: The Live Gameplay Q+A! (feat. You)

UPDATE: COLLECTION IS NOW CLOSED! All our nerf-bats are at the ready beating up your questions - answers on the way! Hey y'all - this year, we're focused on building more stable communications between ~DESIGN TEAMS~ (that's us) and all you beautiful players out there. This means more iteration and experiments to see what works and what doesn't, as well as more dedicated feedback sessions to see what you're interested in as we move along. Today we're unveiling one such experiment, _creatively _ titled the **Live Gameplay Q+A. Let's get down to bronze tacks**. **So what is this thing?** Glad you asked! Simply put, players submit questions to our official [](, after which we gather the Live team, fish a couple of responses out of the ol' mailbag and put together a blog-style response to be posted here for your consumption every few weeks. **What kind of questions are we talkin' about here?** As our name suggests, we're only really able to shed light on topics related to Live Gameplay - luckily, that comes with the broad definition of almost everything in the game. Systems, items, and champion balance? You got it! Skins, servers, and player support tickets? not so much. **Can i just ask questions at any time? ** Due of the large amount of questions to keep track of, we're focusing on set collection periods where we'll actively monitor your submissions. We'll post in advance when these periods begin and end, as well as keep track on the official page itself. **The first collection period runs from May 4th to May 10th - hey, that's right now!** Head on over to the site [[](] to begin submitting your questions on all things Live Gameplay right now and tell your friends! (Unless you don't have friends. Make some friends and then tell them!) (unless that doesn't work either. i'll be your friend.) -S
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