Why does Lulu need 7 abilities?

I cannot even play anything oppressive against this champion because she flat out removes me from the game COMPLETELY for a solid 2.5 seconds. I cannot flash away, cannot use abilities, cannot even auto attack. At this point, I seriously don't understand how it's not classified as a stun. Yes, I can walk away at like 50 ms, that's not the fucking point though. Get this though, _**in the same ability**_, she can use it be oppressive and give her ADC bonus attack speed, and bonus movement which also has AP scaling. If that's not enough, lets give her the option of shielding her ADC, and also give them bonus on hit damage, as well as giving her the option of casting it on an enemy, doing damage, and GRANTING _**TRUE SIGHT**_ ON ENEMIES FOR 5 WHOLE SECONDS. This ability also correlates with her Q, which has to be the biggest fucking deception of a hitbox indicator in my life btw, which slows for 80% for 2 damn seconds. Now lets get into her ultimate, which is the biggest cockblock to any oppressive threat in the god damn game. It knocks enemies back into the air, it applies a 30/45/60% AOE slow and gives them 300/450/600 (**+50% of her total AP**) BONUS heath. Hey, might I add that it's only on a 80 second cooldown, not even factoring 40% CDR which is obtainable with {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3158}} and Transcendence, so it'll be on a 32 second cooldown. I swear to god, everytime I see Lulu locked in on the enemy team, I just want to quit the game. It's so bullshit to play against, her W "polymorph" is equivalent to Taric and Sion's old E's, so what makes her any different? It's a point and click "I removed you from the game" button. Please get rid of this rat from my game please. If you reply with "she has a 49% winrate", im going to report your comment for offensive because your damaging my brain cells with stupidity.
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