Adding the French V.O in NA

Hello there! I'm from Québec and I've been playing league for a few years now. The North American server has a diverse population of players and I believe that it should take a step in a direction that could potentially improve the quality of gameplay for said players. The majority of NA's population are American citizens, the rest being a mix of Canadians and people from other countries playing from across the world if they wanted to play here. I understand that as a country, Canada is quite small in population compared to America. (Hell, California has 3 million more people than Canada's entire population combined.) Québec is barely a fraction compared to that with a total of 8.2 Million, and maybe half of our population at most plays the game (just an estimate). Most of us can put up with playing the game in English completely, but some don't fully understand the English language and cannot fully appreciate the game because of it. We do our best to communicate with our teams. For me, a big part of the game is the champions. Each one tells a story and interact differently. They've got their own personality, and some (such as {{champion:240}} and {{champion:497}} ) have funny dialogue. People who aren't too advanced in the English vocabulary may not understand their champions dialogue and for those like me, decreases the amount of fun from the game. But what do you think?
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