Riot please tie ranked mmr to normals mmr.

Please for the love of god tie ranked and normal mmr to each other. This is something that is done in almost every other moba on the market, yet riot seems to ignore the major issue of normal matchmaking. I commented on this a couple weeks ago and since then, in only 7 games, i have had 5 platinums either on my team or against me when i am high silver. One such game put 2 platinum players and a gold 2 on my team. we destroyed them, something like 35 kills to 2, none of our turrets taken, every single dragon to us. The enemy team had a bronze 1, bronze 3, two mid silvers, and a silver 1. Obviously losing in normals would not affect your ranked mmr. People constantly seem to argue against this, even though we have seen it work. I admit, I absolutely love the que times for league, much quicker than most other mobas, but i would rather see more balance and longer que times. It's incredible how balanced most ranked games are (unless you have a smurf/someone boosting), yet how unbalanced normals are. I've played every other major moba on the market and have never seen such discrepancy in skill level from ranked to norms. There is never a reason, NEVER, for their to be a diamond player in games with all silvers. The exception would be a custom game where you are all friends. If, let's say, there is a diamond player playing with his bronze 1 friend, then they should be put in a game with all diamonds, or if there is another duo of diamond/bronze. Not the other way around where there is a diamond going against all bronze (which is the current case of league).
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