A Good Nerf for Rengar,

If Rengar is being hit during his ultimate, I don't want to see this guy still running at 1000 movement speed and being uncatchable. Nerf suggestion: If Rengar is being hit during his ultimate he loses the movement speed bonus. 2sec cooldown until he is able to run at full speed again. Rengar player will need to learn to use his Ult as a running tool or disengaging fights. Instead of disliking without reading, Give me a good argument why he should be able to run at full speed while being hit? You are an Assassin, a HUNTER If you are spotted and being engaged by the enemy, you should not have a free car ready to go. The concept of rengar is that he is a Predator hunting for his Prey, but if he is getting hunted down then he should not be able to run away soo easely.
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