Edge of Night/ Sorcerers' bane

this is going to be a two part thread the first of which will discuss the active the second will discuss the base stats and the passive so first off, the active Channel for 1.5 seconds to grant a spell shield that blocks the next enemy ability. Lasts for 10 seconds. (30 second cooldown) (Can move while channeling) riot.. you just gave EVERY champion in the game a {{champion:15}} spellshield. i know its not "instant" but... honestly this is GAMEBREAKING, first off it last 10 seconds... and the cooldown is 30 seconds i cannot even begin to fathom how many champ this item is going to break literally ANY champ that is going to go within melee range is item will be broken for. or hell maybe your trying to run from a champ with a skillshot, use the active your your safe i mean how the hell this can even get to pbe is beyond me you press the active before you go in.. you go in. and they already will 100% guarantee have thier first spell negated. i mean we can look at this from both sides of 1 champion {{champion:76}} , now right before i go in i can use the active, pounce in and get out. NOTHING can CC me. and the fact that i can pretty much become immune to ANY spell means my hp is effectively increased by a single spell. now maybe to really tanky champ this wont mean much.. but to squishy champ that get 1,2, or 3 shot.. this is the difference between getting out alive and being dead on arrival at the same time you have an opposing {{champion:76}} you see her coming towards you you press the active.. and now, what does she do? she cant go in for 10 seconds.. she isn't going to land TWO spears in that time.. and 10 seconds is MORE than enough time for anyone to get to safety anywhere on the map. this item active is COMPLETELY BROKEN. {{champion:76}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:7}} i dont care if you AD or AP. the ability to block 1 spell alone more than offsets the cost of the item even if it gave ZERO stats and only gave you the active and now we have the base stats and passive +60 Attack Damage +35 Magic Resist UNIQUE Passive: +20 Lethality UNIQUE Passive: +20 Movement Speed our of Combat first lets start off with 60 AD and 35 MR so.. ad now have this {{item:3139}} {{item:3156}} all to build AD AND MR while AP have {{item:3157}} ? i hear riot talk on yesterday stream about how AP wont probaly ever get a form of {{item:3140}} /{{item:3139}} becuase we have {{item:3157}} ok.. fine.. then why do AD vs AP ALSO get {{item:3155}} /{{item:3156}} and now a NEW item? Ad champ now have THREE item to build AD + MR. ALL with good actives non of which are unique and overlap and cant be used together AP that want to build AP + armor we get {{item:3157}} .. and thats it? so what are we supposed to do vs and AD heavy comp now? build 3x {{item:3157}} to counter thier 3 items? WTF riot. this is absurd... this is literally the most OP item concept i have EVER seen in this game... as a{{champion:76}} main.. i guarentee you the FIRST item i get after finishing {{item:1410}} will be this this absurdly broken item. it gives AD? WHO THE HELL CARES? i got a free spellshield!!!! i got +20 movement speed i got 35 mr.. and hell takedown has SOME ad scaling on it. so my god.. riot.. have you gone INSANE? you CAN'T have this item go live. it will 100% break the entire season... if it goes live in its current state
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