So these Akali changes.....

They're all pretty much nerfs, and option removals. Honestly you may as well revert her at this point since you guys clearly don't know what you're doing with this variation. She's underrated and I get that, but these changes don't make any sense. You're removing her ability to E into Shroud, you're making her R point and click; which removes any of the skill it has right now, her passive is straight up horrific before any damage items now (meaning she's going to be horrible in lane), you can no longer extend your Shroud's duration and to top it all off her Q doesn't even get a scaling's legitimately going to have a 4 second cooldown at rank 5, with no compensation. Nice one..... I should also mention that the point and click R1 essentially turns her into Akali v1, so what even was the point of the rework? tl;dr Don't go through with these changes, they are horrific. -------------------------------------------------------- **Suggested changes:** - Remove the movement speed Akali receives from passive when walking backwards, increase the movement speed she receives when walking forwards (out of the circle) - Slightly increase Akali's energy refund on passive hit. - Give Q a 4 second cooldown rank 1, and then it scales to like a 1.5 second cooldown rank 5. - Lower W's cooldown by 2-3 seconds rank 1. - Lower the amount of time Akali remains visible after an action _slightly_ (right now she shows once and just insta-dies). - Lower E's cooldown slightly at rank 1. - Increase R1's travel speed slightly. Done, that's Akali fixed. After that never touch her again.
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