Should A Champion Be Nerfed For Being Annoying?

I am referring to {{champion:142}} in this post, but it goes for all champions. We all know that she was ridiculously obnoxious in multiple ways, her Q was a wrecking ball that not even tanks could eat more than a couple of, and her sleepy bubble was much to forgiving in both its cool down and its hit box. Every game with Zoe in it become a "Zoe Game" because of how she warped the playstyles of everyone to accommodate for her strengths. Despite all of this, she was never "OP" when looking at her winrate. She averaged around a 47-48 % winrate when you average all levels of play, and only got to around 49-51% when you only looked at plat+ (Her banrate at those elos were significantly higher as well). So the question is, should she have been gutted as severly as she was? It felt like Riot recognized how annoying she was and decided that no one should play against her in her current state, so they made her so bad that no one could play her. I feel like this is there strategy for multiple champions. Another one being {{champion:236}}. While he isn't as inherently obnoxious as {{champion:142}}, his problem is how popular he becomes if he is meta. Everytime he reaches a decent winrate he is picked in near every game and I feel like Riot nerfs him just to break up the meta.
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