Bring back dominion

As we all know, everyone's favorite game mode was removed a while ago. I'm here to tell you all why it should be brought back. Not everyone has time for a full game of SR or TT, and I'm sure we've all gotten leave warnings from playing and shoddy wifi disconnecting us multiple times, so we know punishments for AFKs are rather severe. So in that case, what can we play? ARAM. All Random (sort of) All Mid. Games take around 20 minutes to complete, so there's our answer. But not quite. I've played around 600 games of ARAM, and many times I have a lot of fun, but it has come to my attention that most of the games that I play are pretty much decided from the start. One team has all bruisers and the other has janna, sona, and 3 ADCs. It isn't even about skill at that point. When the game is "randomly" tilted in one team's favor, even if one team is more skilled than the other and seizes every opportunity they get, they can still easily lose because of a lottery. If not Dominion, there should be a short game mode that actually lets skilled players win with their skill. Credit to likeanepicbau5
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