Aatrox Buffs are Beautiful but...

As an Aatrox one trick for some time now, I have felt what it is like to play a weaker champ in game. I'm talking about overall power. For about 6 patches, Aatrox was not in a very good power state, quite weak. But after these buffs, I have to admit, Aatrox feels spectacular to play. With that Blood Moon skin, reset is the most satisfying thing to exist and it finally feels like every single part of his kit finally has a purpose. However, as much as I love these buffs, I think that Riot needs to tune back his defensive stats, looking at the armor gained from the hotfix, as it feels like he can take too much damage early without being punished. I wouldn't mind his health per level being reduced by a bit as well but he needs to be taken back a bit without being deleted from the game, as seen in patch 9.3. Riot, please don't ruin my favorite champ again, especially when he feels this good to play.
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