Should teemo be refocused to be an ap marksman bot lane?

Usually i gotta say that teemo isjt a priblem, judt a headache I have seem a million teemos win lane pretty definitively but i almost never see them contribute to the team on a macro level. By this i mean that teemo basically shuts down his laner and then stops being useful, essentially gsmbling for a stalemate I think hes too weak and yet also is a poor placement for top lane, but thats his best lane because of his kit My question is, should they rework hid kit on a smallish scale to make him feel more like an adc, and in a way that would make him more functionally a bot lane adc alternative ad opposed to a top laner's headache Teemo is honestly a fun champion with an amazing fan base but i gotta say i dont think he's healthy as a top laner because he simply makes people ragequit Hes too oppressive to most of the generally immobile top laners, and too weak to merot an actual ban, his kit lacks counterplay for many matchups and ususlly just resultd in being forced to wait until you can nuke him down but being denied cs becsuse of his blind and on-hit mechanics early game, and then you just get a smidgenof magic resist and he becomrs nothing more than a joke But a really unfunny and irritating joke because everywhere you go there are shrooms, too many fucking shrooms to judt drop pinks or use a sweeper Can you beat a teemo in lane? Yes Is it enjoyable at all to lane against a teemo? Not really. Even when you stomp the teemo youre still like "dude i fucming hate thisgame right now" Teemo isnt onfuriating because hes op, hes infuriating because all he seems to represent in a match is a hurdle that you just overcome and a headache overall My general.idea is to put his on hit damage onto his passive, and make his stealth mechanic an activated ability on his ult, then give him a cap on shrooms but give him them earlier, with less damage, onto his e And the blind? Im not dure it should function as it does, maybe a slow or something, but him negating an all in from most ad bruisers is sort of.. bleh I dontthink he belongs top lane, id rather see him as an adc or even regeared as a jungler
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