Random Morde Balance Ideas

It's literally the first day of his release, so in all honesty he might not even need adjustment. I'm just bored and came up with some ideas. I tried to be creative and avoid directly nerfing damage tooltips. 1: Remove the Ms bonus on his passive. His core item is Rylais. 2: Increase the amount of hits required to proc his passive. It could be 4 or 5, maybe have it scale down by level. 3: Decrease the duration of his Ult to 5 seconds at rank 1, then have it scale up to 6/7 at 11/16. It isn't even worth putting more then one point into right now. 4: Decrease the speed of his E cast. 5: Decrease the speed of his Q cast. 6: Make his R have a cast time of 1s or something, so the enemy can interrupt it with cc 7: Decrease his auto attack speed. 8: Have his passive cancel or stall while Morde is stunned. Like A-sol stars. 9: Fix Lordekaiser skin. 10: Make it so he can't gain more then one passive stack per 1second.
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