After four years of league, I got banned. And I this is my reflection on the past few months.

It has been fast. 4 years of playing this game. 4 whole years of enjoyment. But, something I cannot keep noticing is that, almost in every ranked game. More than 2 people are in terrible anguish. As I am a person who is totally blunt at pointing out problems, and want them solved asap, so we do not fail as a team, this was just too much for me. As an reflection to this. I simply cannot get why I'm even losing, or winning these days. And those "trolls"? I do not even know if they are just having bad luck or legitimately fooling around in rank. This game has become way too snowbally to make this judgement even positive. I'm just so confused. As a result, I was literally pointing things out in every single game. Maybe it is unwise to judge people in 8 mins of the game when they become like 0/4/0 anymore. I will make a new account. Only to play normals and ARAM and that invite from my chaps in flex que I guess. Winning and losing in this game and being serious on forever, is just giving me headaches. It is just not for me anymore. The past season, were very clear on who is bad and who is not. And it was easy to fix problems. Now the problems spread like wildfire, and cannot be put out.
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