caught in a negative feedback loop since 3 days ago

ok this is going to sound a bit crazy to people but that's now who i'm writing it for, i am writing this specifically for riot. a few days ago you changed the matchmaker algorithm and i'm caught in some kind of negative feedback loop where i have to lose all my games. it is weak players on my team causing this. for curious people u can look up my acct on and see my history, i was rising from bronze into s3 with a 60%+ winrate and now i lose practically every game and queue times are 10+ minutes. i'm not interested in troll replies or "you're actually bad" comments. i just want someone who works on the matchmaker algorithm to look at my account and maybe try to tune your system so that this doesn't happen. and for those trolls, even if i was a terrible player, i don't think i should have to wait ten to fifteen minutes for silver league games and lose nearly 90% of them horribly. for the record i have a lot of experience in RTS games and moba, i was a top8 master starcraft 2 player and have a diamond hero of the storm account.
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