Rito! Can we please get a balance change on the Support role?

This isn't a "Riot is retarded and sucks and [insert additional gripe or complaint here]" thread, so please let's keep it positive peeps! I would like to discuss and welcome additional insight/discussion as to what can be done about the current power of supports. They are extremely strong, and as someone who enjoys playing ADC (Jhin anyone?), it's extremely frustrating and just flat out *unfun* to play the bot lane in the game's current state. First and foremost: I'm not some amazing player, and I'll admit this right away - there are tons of mistakes I make every game due to terrible ingrained habits from playing since 2008. I'm currently low gold, though I was hovering plat 3-4 last season on an alternative account. I'm trying to get back up there, as this account has all my actual skins, and am looking forward to trying to improve my skills again. With this being said, I am beyond sick and tired of getting Leona/Thresh/Braum/Alistar[insert engage support here] combo'd and destroyed despite being 5-10 kills ahead of the enemy bot lane because I can't kill them due to the stupid amount of stats they have on their items, in addition to the insane amount of CDR given on support items this season. If I make even the most minor positioning mistake, not even burning heal/flash will save me from the amount of damage their kits put out, and half the time they don't even take ignite. This complaint is not just for engage supports alone: if the enemy team takes Janna/Lulu/Nami/Morgana/Rakan[WHATEVER], these ******* supports OUTDAMAGE THEIR ADC COUNTERPARTS WITH ZILCH FOR ITEMS (Well, OK - Perhaps not Janna, but you get what I'm saying). The Support role is integral to League of Legends and should be fun to play, as well as able to make plays from. I don't think either of these things should be removed or severely lessened, because a lot of people DO like to play the Support role. At the moment, however, it feels exhausting to play against them because of their cheaper itemization with loads of CDR/raw stats, high base damage, healing/shields, and probably a variety of other things I'm too inexperienced to recognize (or lazy to lookup) which make them extremely powerful in comparison to other roles. Other players who are far more experienced and skilled than I am have iterated something along the lines of what I've typed above, but I haven't seen it blatantly placed in a forum thread and wanted to see the reaction it would bring from the community. Thoughts?
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