Am I bad all of a sudden?

S7 plat, current gold 5 (demoted from gold 3 fast). My win percentages on my main champs are HORRIBLE. I can't seem to get anything going no matter what. I can win lane and roam, but it just doesn't seem to be enough. I'm extremely frustrated with myself as I'm now being paired with people who are S7 and current silvers and below. My MMR has tanked down to a freakin' silver 2. It sickens me. I can't seem to get my MMR to where it SHOULD be. It's as if I fell into a black hole and can't escape. Just feels like every match I log into has this sense of hopelessness and a subconscious acceptance of another loss. I don't remember ever being in this bad of a spot in league. I'm just curious if I legit turned bad this season for some reason, or if other people are having the same experience. Disclaimer: this is NOT tilt. This happens whether I take a break or not. Good mood or not. Just constant losing and negative feelings throughout every match.
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