Why aren't adcs like Miss Fortune, Varus and Ashe getting buffed?

Seriously, they need some help. Both Talon and Ashe would be a lot better if their passives were switched around. Talon doesn't exactly need to AA as frequently as Ashe to farm. He can stack the passive quicker, and Talon has been a champion who has been struggling quite a bit ever since they removed the 1 second Silence for a 0.25 99% slow. Ashes auto attacks would deal 10% more damage to whoever is under crowd control effects, which is supposed to be her thing anyways. The passive is also called Mercy, and she is the most mercifull of all the three Queens of the Freljord. It would only make sense. The other passive is called Focus, way more suitable for a champion who just needs to pick a single target out of a teamfight and de1337 them, rather than slowing everyone down. Which suits Talons passive, although he kind of is an AoE Assassin tbh. That's why Ashe is an Utility carry, the complete opposite of Jinx. A champion who already has those 10% more damage by default on her Fishbones. --- Miss Fortune needs her Impure shots damage to be switched from Magical damage to Physical damage. And she needs her Bullet Rain to scale with Attack damage, rather than Ability Power. Seriously, it already feels weird enough to have a spell who scales with one single stat, yet deal the other type of damage. Imagine having both, in the same kit, yeah... That's basically Miss Fortune. Her Impure shots scale with AD but deal Magic damage. Her Bullet Rain scales with AP but deals Physical Damage. Why? And tbh, this change would probably not even be enough to make her a worth while pick. Her Ultimate is the bane of her. She can't use it in a teamfight, ever. Even if she is staying all the way back. Bullet Rain locks herself in place AND she has no escape tool whatsoever. --- Varus is like an Ashe with way more utility in his kit, but a medicore kit nontheless. His Passive should be replaced with his W passive, while being given a new W. I hardly notice the passive itself, mostly because it forces me to focus a low health minion to keep it up. This is fine if all you are doing is farming, but a huge setback during a trade with the enemy laners. --- Anyway, discuss.
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