Why would you max W first on Vayne?

Despite playing for a good couple years, I've never really been into ADCs but recently I have been learning the role and having quite a bit of fun with Xayah and Vayne. However, ever since doing some research on recommended builds both online and on YouTube, most of them tell me to max W first on Vayne. From my knowledge, this sounds/feels wrong/weird. Why would you max W above Q first? Maxing Q: More base damage which matters more early game (both trading and CS) More mobility to help with laning phase (dodging skillshots and/or evading ganks easier) Maxing W: Lacking the mobility of maxing Q True % Health means less early than base damage Am I missing something crucial? I just don't see how maxing W is better than maxing Q. Levels in Q seems a lot more important early than levels in W, whereas by the time you start putting levels into W (if you maxed Q first) its function starts to matter since that's when tanks/fighters/bruisers start getting more beefy. Am I just dumb? {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:67}}
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