League of Legends... in Arabic?

Hello! I was looking for a"suggestion box" to send this to but as I understand from the forums, posting it here would be the best option available. I was thinking about adding Arabic as one of the playable languages to the game. There is a reasonably large Arabic-speaking player base enough to make it a good idea. Understandably though, it would take so much work and effort to translate everything to Arabic, but since the game has already been translated to so many languages already, it wouldn't be that difficult with so many experienced people who've already done it many times before. I am both a professional English and Arabic language teacher and I think it's pretty doable given the company's desire to do so. Do you guys think it's a good idea? Would riot be interested in such a thing? {{champion:268}} Edit 1: I agree, it would take so much time and effort, but with the availability of online language experts, it wouldn't be as difficult as say a few years ago. There are so many language professionals that you can find online on websites like italki, Memrise, Duolingo and many others that are accredited and would be willing to work for such a project. However, this is not to say that it is worth it or not. I am aware of the fact that Riot is a company and companies operate on the basis of what brings income.
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