Let's calmly discuss Soraka's kit

THIS KIT IS A PILE OF...interestingness Lost post ahead! TL;DR version: I'm OK with the kit so far but everything is riding on her Q being effective. I've been going back and forth with this kit and a lot of people have been more than happy to smash this idea to pieces even before it reaches the PBE. Most of it has been revolved around her second passive mainly and pretty much been judged based on it. But now it seems people are noticing some other things about her kit that people have been very worried about. So I wanna talk about her ENTIRE kit this time instead of just her passive. I will be critical at some points but it's going to be moreover positive outlook at this kit...again. Sorry, if you're hoping that I'll join the bandwagon of shitting on this kit. Get ready for disappointment. I will be saving Q for last though because I found out about something that, simply put, pissed me off. [Here is Sorakas kit on the [Board](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/BTP5uwf1-this-rework-is-going-to-be-bananas-soraka-rework-preview-and-discussion)] ********************* Let's start off with her Passive Her first one, no comment. Everyone loves this idea and has spawned WEEE WOO WEE WOO. Now we are just waiting on a paramedic Soraka skin. It has to come true, don't let us down Riot. Her second passive...well, I already talked about it[ here](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4828918&highlight=) and Vesh was able to give us some more insight into why this was implemented in that thread as well. Personally, this is just a new and radical idea that will obviously be looked at with a negative point of view. I **THINK** it can work but the only way we will know once the goat lady has arrived in the PBE. ****************** Skipping Q and going straight to W. Now the biggest issue with this ability is that Soraka will be using 10% of her max health. This was created to simply stop Soraka from building tanky but also create an actual trade of sorts. I'll argue that it acts more like a transfer of damage of sorts. The damage applied didn't go away it simply went to the wrong person you wanted to kill. Also the interation between Q and W helps delete the damage. Let's go through some complaints: 1. She can only heal 10 times.\ Not if she brings a few health potions. Not if she acquires a few health regen items (although itemization is rather poor for this). Not if she lands her Q. Not if she acquires either Crucible or GA. There are plenty of things Soraka can do so she can heal more than just 10 times. It's tricky but it's doable. Then again, if she could get it easily, people would call this kit cancerous. 2. Champions like Sona and Nami can outheal her. Heck even alister could outheal her.\ I agree, champions like Sona and Nami could outheal Soraka...in the long run. But in short burst however, Soraka would leave the other sustain champions in the dust...at least, I think that will be the case. Sure Sona and Nami could heal a champion to max health but Soraka would be able to do it far faster. This is only assuming a Soraka player isn't trying to get that health back somehow in the process of healing her allies. I will admit that 10% is rather pricy but if Soraka does scale well with ap, I believe the health she will sacrifice will be on the small side compared to how much she heals her allies.I will also admit the amount of gating they put on this heal is rather heavy: health/mana/CD on her Q. **************** Alright on to her E A lot of people are sad to see the mana restoration to go away. I too will be sad to see it go as well. It really was a unique ability that no other champion could call their own. But at this point, I'm simply preaching to the choir. But lets look at the positives this new E will bring. For starters this is also a unique ability on its own as well. Many people thought Riot was trying to get rid of silence with how previous champions have had theirs taken away, Leblanc anyone? This is an ability that creates an AOE silence field that after it is done, roots any enemy left in it. I don't think any other champion can say they can do that. I mean, finally people can't flash or dash out of Jarvan's ult anymore if Soraka is on his team. I will admit that 24 second CD is rather large (too large) but I think this is just Riot erring on the side of caution. I really do hope they bring it down a bit because of the fact she only has a few CC abilities and only one ability that causes damage. I'm kinda curious as to why equinox does not do damage as well, at least during the root part. Although, if it did do damage, it might create some serious wave clearing potential. So that could be a reason. ****** Now to her R Nothing much has changed about her ult except it gaining more power for each ally below 40%. I really wished (hue) that Soraka armor buff would've been transferred to her ult. Even if it sounds OP, I would've loved for it to be on here. Other than that, So far so good. ******* Now to the big one. The one ability I think will either have her kit be successful or be an utter failure. Her Q. This ability has a 10 second CD, a kinda weak CC, the healing capabilities are only effective on enemy champions, and is more reliable using at close range... I find that last part the most rediculous. I may be reading this part wrong but I feel like due to Soraka is going to be really squishy and probably going to juggle her health bar a lot, why would you make an ability that has a 10 second CD difficult to land at long range? I really need to see this ability in action because I can deal with all of her entire kit except for that little bit. She's already loaded with a lot of things to juggle and I feel like Riot is trying to load her with as much counterplay simply because they are afraid of a core healer. I understand that you should make it kinda difficult to delete her own damage, elsewise she will become OP and unfun. But this does not feel like difficulty to me, it feels more like a punishment. Now if landing her Q goes from ridiculously easy to land at short range to it requires actual skill to land then I think I am ok with that. If this ability is on a 10 second CD then it shouldn't be really difficult to land. I would really like it if I can hurt enemy minions or jungle creep and heal up a bit at a reduced price if it's going to be on a 10 second CD. That way I can chose to either go for a cheap easy heal or risk going for a more powerful heal. I could be overreacting about this ability and once she hits the PBE then it will all make sense but right now this seems really wrong. She already has a lot of counterplay on her kit and if her Q is unreliable at long range then this just feels unfair. Also I really hope that CC can, at least, scale up some more because I feel like 20% is kinda weak if someone is right on your a[B]s[/B]s. Of course, with all that said, this could be for the sake of making the laning phase fair. If someone is capable of deleting any damage you make it should be difficult on their part to keep doing that. I felt like ranting about this part of her kit but I might be simply overlooking something. ******* Well, that's pretty much it. Besides her Q, I feel kinda alright with her kit. I might be overreacting with her Q and it could work. Except for that CC, I really think that needs to scale up. Now if you have gotten through all of this, Congratulations! Feel free to tell me how wrong I am and how stupid it is to even put faith in this kit. You've earned that much for taking the time to read my post.
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