Almost completely lost the love for the game this season.

Only thing keeping me in the game is that right now I don't have anything better to do. Fuckin' depressing. I can't play any of my favorite champs: wukong only good in low elo, udyr and volibear get kited into oblivion, vladimir is good but rework kind of ruined him for me. Only champ I could play was Soraka, but I got burnt out of the support role when I dropped from d2 to d5. Only adc I could play before was graves, but reworked into something else. Also, the meta is complete trash, I was never a meta slav, but this season is pure salt incarnate. Adcs killing some tanks in seconds, others like sej, galio are unkillable and cc overlords. Then you have someone like fiora ruining yor will to live, etc. I don't even want to talk about matchmaking, it has been said a lot. All in all, just a disappointing season. Now I'm just waiting for the preseason, so maybe the new runes will get that excitement going again.
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