Is anyone else sick of losing 1 teamfight at 30 minutes and losing the entire game?

Both teams group for a teamfight at 30 minutes, one team gets aced or only 1 person survives and the other team has 2 or 3 members that barely survived and then they push from an inner turret all the way into your nexus and win the game. When it happens to you, at first you think they'll just take some turrets maybe an inhibitor, maybe dragon if its up, and then you realize they took 2 turrets an inhibitor and are now working on your nexus turrets and look to see that there is still 15+ seconds on all death timers, and you just think to yourself, fuck really, we lost just like that. When you do it to an enemy, you win and get the lp, and feel like you got a participation ribbon instead of a first place trophy. Its not like I want every game to be a 50+ minutes, its not even that I have a problem with 30 minute games, its the way that they're being won thats the problem. If there was already an inhibitor down and a team lost a teamfight and lost I could accept that, but teams are losing one teamfight and losing games when their inner turrets are still up at 30 minutes, its not fun. I get that riot wants to prevent stall comps, but insanely long death timers, and wet paper towers that fire wet paper noodles aren't the way to do it imo. I've seen some others on the boards point this out, and I want to bring it up to. If anything longer death timers will encourage stall comps, because they prevent players from making aggressive plays out of fear of dying and losing the game, no aggressive plays means the game will be stalled. On another note, minion block is still god awful. Riot, can you put a gate in the minions so I can actually go through them unhindered. Everytime I walk close to a group of more than 1 minion its like a walked into one of Cait's traps.
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