The absolute worst thing about New Aatrox is that Riot will not listen to the Community

They proved many times they simply know better. They delete a Champion, save his name, then release a completly different Champion with the same name. Also, as someone who really loves Aatrox calm and collected manner, I really, REALLY hate him now. What happened with his godly VO, like: - "Fight. Or be Forgotten" - "This Battle will be my Masterpiece" - "Even those who have nothing can give their lives" <- I want to point this out specificly, as this is Aatrox in Perfection . "let fear become fury" I mean, now he is just another generic "GrRrRr, Im sO AngERy At eVerYThiNg" Archetype Champion. At least Sion, who also falls under this, has Flashbacks or Realizations that make his Character much more sympathic. New Aatrox doesn´t. This is perfectly reflected by his new Title: Aatrox, the World Ender This isnt a Rework, this is a puplic Execution of Old Aatrox
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