PSA: The jungler helping push your lane after a successful gank is beneficial to you

This seems to be a concept lost in lowers ELOs. If you try to help push a wave after a successful gank as the jungler, you get bombarded by back pings and raged at in chat. This is why its a good thing: 1) Shoving the wave under turret obviously denies the enemy laner XP and Gold 2) It automatically sets up the wave to be pushing back to you when you get back to lane 3) It forces the enemy to burn their TP (if they have it) while you get a free pass to back and walk back without missing much 4) It can force the enemy jungler out to a lane to soak up the wave which gives up all their map pressure So please keep this is mind. You WANT your jungler to help push the lane if your enemy is dead.
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