Every person is bias towards the class of champions they main

So if you want to be taken seriously or viewed as having an opinion that is worthwhile and as least bias as possible, then you need to admit you're usually an idiot when it comes to discussing the class you main Tank mains think there should be 2-3 tanks on each team, they have the ability to solo dive back lines and kill carries while being unkillable and ccing everything Mage mains think because some of their champions are immobile, they're this starved and abused class. I hear your immobility argument, I stopped caring when you had 1000+ range on your spells. Not to mention, you have (had) the best itemization in the game since this game has been around. Get over yourselves. Assassin mains think having zero counterplay abilities being strong, safe and easy to pull off while safely getting in and out is the trait of a balanced assassin. Zed is a balanced assassin design, Akali is not. Even still, assassins are a hard class to balance and very polarizing, you should understand this the moment you main your this class. Bruiser mains think they should be able to duel everything, one shot carries because they built 2 damage items, one shot bruisers because they built two damage items, 2 shot tanks because they think that's fair and still be the 2nd hardest class of champions in the game to kill. Like assassins, this class has historically been a nightmare to balance. It's not ok for bruisers to stack all tank items and kill everything minus a few unique designs, but that's besides the point. You can't anymore and you shouldn't ever expect to again. ADC mains think their class should be the strongest class at all points in the game and can't seem to get over this idea that when you build zero defensive items, you die really fast. They also need to stop thinking their class hasn't been mandatory for the last 5 seasons because stats show us otherwise. Support mains - what more do you want? You've been given a class of champions that are specifically designed to function on low gold income. The sheer power of supports kits alone are overpowered as fuck but kept in line by the fact that riot has intentionally tried to keep them out of solo lanes because solo lane supports have been the most broken things ever. Riot spent two seasons making your class less frustrating to play and they've come a long way since s2. Yes you can stand to have a few upgrades but stop pretending riot hates your class and hasn't paid any attention to it because they have. Jungle mains, just shut up. You main the most impactful class in the game that has been given the ability to farm just a few camps and reach ridic power spikes. It's going to come with some frustration given how impactful your role is and continues to be. It's the most dominant and important class in the early game, your itemization and general champion diversity have been nothing short of the biggest nightmare in the game to balance ever. There it is. I hope after spending time reading this, you've decided that you should probably take a step back and keep perspective. I know I get in a little over my head at times and I rethink my stances constantly, especially on my class that I main. It doesn't hurt to think in this manner and it's the healthiest perspective to have when it comes to discussing balance because at its core, it reduces your bias towards certain discussions. Thanks
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