Please rito stop stealing my LP

-gets into champ select- -counter gets down to 0, someone else picked, i havent locked in yet- - client freezes, i cant lock in my champ, can chat but nothing else works- -after 60 seconds i get kicked out of the lobby, lost my LP because i "dodged"- This isnt a problem from my computer. I have experienced this problem on 4 different pcs/laptops, also my friend has the same problem on his pc. The saddest part is; this is something that happens daily. Usually once every 2 days, sometimes more. I once got it 3 times in one day. This costed me so much LP. I have read on the boards that more people have this problem. Still rito doesn't fix it. It's not a new issue. I have this for months and months ongoing. I tried reinstalling, hextech repair, turning off antivirus. Nothing works. Please stop stealing the LP i worked so hard for. It sucks.
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