Upcoming changes Wit's end and on-hit champions may need something else

PBE Wit's End https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-D23mRyGwrso/XJk1rRm7IUI/AAAAAAABQf4/s3LCDZBomFEE7lDhj-gSR2tqx5_u23TEwCLcBGAs/s320/witsend.png Zephyr rework by Repertoir https://twitter.com/RiotRepertoir/status/1103515153293668352 Riot, since we already got tons of lifesteal and damage in the game so why are you adding more with the upcoming Wit's End changes? Does on-hit champions need more damage and lifesteal or perhaps they need something else to make them better lategame teamfighters like for instance some protection, maybe more speed, or some sort of utility is what they actually need? I don't think that champions like Yi, Xin Zhao, Udyr and so on need more lifesteal and damage since they already got many options for that including the built in sustain in their kits. Conqueror, Legend bloodline and Ravenous Hunter already are great runes for sustain/healing. Death's Dance, BORK, Bloodthirster, Maw of Malmortius are great lifesteal items. Upcoming Wit's End healing is too similar to Malmortius. So I would like to suggest to bring back Zephyr that Repertoir suggested as defensive/utility option for on-hit champions. The changes I would like to suggest is to make the item more appealing in teamfights and a bit less for splitpushing Zephyr = Wit's End + Madred's Bloodrazor 30% attack speed 40 armor 40 magic resistance unique: 10% movement speed unique: tenacity unique: 30 magic damage on hit (+6 for each nearby enemy champion) unique: you gain 6 armor and magic resistance for each nearby enemy champion Wits End 15% attack speed 40 magic resistance unique: 5% movement speed unique: 15 magic damage on hit Madred's Bloodrazor 15% attack speed 40 armor unique: 5% movement speed unique: 15 magic damage on hit

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